Sally Gaglini, Entertainment Lawyer

June 28, 2017

Do you ever wonder what an entertainment attorney would tell you if you could sit down and talk? What advice they might give you? If so—you are in for a treat, because today’s podcast features Sally Gaglini.


Sally is a Boston-based attorney, the author of Young Performers At Work: Child Star Survival Guide, and a professor of entertainment law.


If you or someone you love is getting into professional performing of any sort, you would do well to take advantage of this free hour with Sally. And then go online and buy her book!


We talk about common pitfalls for young actors and their families, how to spot scams, basic laws affecting young performers, money advice, school, and much more. Sally’s advice is useful for actors of any age. Join us!


Some of my favorite quotes:


“Why should a child, based only on his or her zip code, get more or less protection?”


“If you have to pay, then you don’t play.”


“Figure out if there is experience to be had locally.”


“How much rejection are you willing to allow your child to endure?”


“How much money is a family willing to spend before you press the escape hatch?”


“Make sure that the dream is your son’s or daughter’s, not yours.”


“If you put the child first, you don’t get lost.”


“This is a business enterprise. This is not travel soccer.”


“Before you spend money on your kid’s career, figure out if they are comfortable working with grownups.”


“Watch your child’s body language… it will tell you that they are or are not comfortable.”


For anyone looking to understand the basics of how the law affects young performers and their families, be sure to get a copy of Sally’s book, Young Performers at Work: Child Star Survival Guide.


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Twitter: @SallyGaglini


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