Vincent Spano, Actor

June 12, 2017

Vincent Spano Part 1 of 2 


How does an actor successfully transition from young star to adult star, and build a career that spans decades? This week’s guest is one of the rare artists who has managed to achieve this.


My guest on this podcast episode is Vincent Spano. Vincent is a film, stage and television actor; he is also a film director and producer.


Vincent has many, many film and TV credits, but he is best known for his roles in Baby It’s You, Rumble Fish, The Black Stallion Returns, Alive, Oscar, City of Hope, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He currently has 5 films in post-production, including Wonderwell, which was Carrie Fisher’s final film.


Vincent is a born storyteller and dropped a lot of wisdom in our conversation—so much that I had to divide our interview into 2 parts!


Here are some of my favorite quotes from our time together:

“The day I was supposed to show up for college was the day I flew to Italy to begin the adventure of a lifetime, playing Raj in The Black Stallion Returns.”

Baby It’s You and The Outsiders started on the same day, and I had to decide what to do.”

“I put The Black Stallion Returns, Baby It’s You, and Rumblefish in the can in less than 1 calendar year.”

“Find ways to appreciate everything, and see the blessings in everything.”

“My training was like going to the gym: it was always scene study class.”

“When it comes to auditions, it’s all about mentality.”

On auditions: “It’s an opportunity to create. It’s a chance to say to God: thank you for this gift.”

“Tell the story, and make it real.”

“I want someone who comes in and it’s so real, I’m not even aware it’s acting.”

“Whoever’s meant to get the role is going to get the role, no matter what.”

“I think true success is being the best person you can be.”


Join us next week for Part 2 of this wonderful conversation.


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