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EP 132: Kenny Ortega

EP 132: Kenny Ortega

April 10, 2021

My guest on this very special Hometown to Hollywood podcast episode is director, producer, and choreographer Kenny Ortega.

Kenny has directed many iconic film, TV and theatre projects, but he is best known for his work directing Newsies, Hocus Pocus, This is It, High School Musical 1,2, and 3, and Descendants 1, 2, and 3, as well as creating choreography for Michael Jackson, Cher, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, and Elton John. He has won three Emmy awards and two Directors Guild of America awards, among many others, and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He recently produced and directed Julie and The Phantoms for Netflix.

In this very inspiring conversation, Kenny Ortega shares how he began in the industry, how he made the jump from choreography to directing, his approach to directing, what he looks for in an actor, audition advice, casting, advice for both parents of young actors as well as for actors, and so much more.


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “I couldn’t be one of those people that sit on the sidelines and go, ‘I wonder what it would have been like had I pursued what I love in this world.’”
  • “I worked as a choreographer for some of the most incredibly gifted, talented, and GOOD human beings… they taught me that I could be successful and also have a heart.”
  • “I look for heart. Promise. Truth. Imagination. Wit.”
  • “I wanted my actors to feel brave, and fearless, and confident, and feel that they could have a voice with me.”
  • “Learn to pick up choreography quickly so that you can then surrender yourself to the work, and what’s behind the movement is YOU… your spirit, your soul, your heart, your personality.”
  • “I’m always seeking for every performer—dancer, singer, actor—that they have that ability to surrender themselves to the work.”
  • “Go online and watch audition tapes, they’re there.”
  • “When you’re walking into an audition—whether it be in the room with a director, or virtually—bring your truth.”
  • “Read The Hollywood Parents Guide by Bonnie Wallace… I’m telling you, there aren’t any other books! It’s an incredible book, and I highly, highly recommend it to any parent who has a child that wants to enter into the business, or that is already in the business.”
  • “Get a good education. Learn everything you can because it ALL comes in handy for an actor.”
  • “Don’t let anybody tell you what you can do. Or can’t do.”
  • “Imagination is everything. And imagination can create reality, but you have to work for it. And you have to study for it. And you have to soldier for it. And pay your dues for it.”
  • “Quit getting angry and get better. Don’t get lost in frustration. Get lost in study and dedication. And perseverance.”
  • “There can’t be a B Plan when you want to be an actor. Because it requires too much. The A Plan requires too much for you to share yourself with a B Plan.”
  • “That child still lives within me… had it not been for that little boy who refused to let go of his dreams, who refused to let anybody stop him from what he pursued… I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life for what he gave to me. This gift that I own today.”


Follow Kenny Ortega HERE:

Instagram: @kennyortegablog

Twitter: @kennyortegablog

EP 131: Jillian Clare, Actor, Director, Producer

EP 131: Jillian Clare, Actor, Director, Producer

March 24, 2021

Today my guest on this episode of the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Jillian Clare.


Jillian has been in the entertainment industry since the young age of 7.

Having grown up on the soap opera Days Of Our Lives, Jillian went on to star in the Victorious special Freak the Freak Out, as well as roles in several other indie films and TV series. 


Besides acting, Jillian has taken her turn behind the camera as well. She recently produced and starred in the indie film Pretty Broken which premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival. In the last four years, she has directed two hit teen feature films To The Beat! and To The Beat! Back 2 School making her one of the only female directors to direct both the original and sequel in a films' series. 


We discuss her experience as a young child actor, her school experience, transitioning from a child actor to a teen actor to an adult actor, the CHSPE, why she got into directing and producing, auditioning advice, her podcast Thanks for Coming In, and much more. Join us!


Follow Jillian HERE:

Website:         https://www.jillianclare.com/


Twitter:          https://twitter.com/jillianclare


Instagram:     https://www.instagram.com/jillianclare/


Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/officialjillianclare


Podcast:          https://thanksforcominginpodcast.com/

EP 130: Jody Margolin Hahn, Director

EP 130: Jody Margolin Hahn, Director

March 10, 2021

Hi, thanks for joining us! This is Bonnie Wallace, author of The Hollywood Parents Guide, Young Hollywood Actors, and Top Hollywood Acting Teachers, and today my guest on this podcast is television director Jody Margolin Hahn.


Jody started her career working with sitcom writers. She has directed over 150 episodes of television, including The Conners for ABC, Call Me Kat and The Cool Kids for FOX, One Day at a Time, Fuller House, Mr. Iglesias, Alexa & Katie, and others for Netflix, Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel. She recently completed her first short film, "Yes/No" and directed the pilot and multiple episodes of the Netflix series, The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia. She’s a member of the Director’s Guild of America.


We discuss how she started directing, what it really takes to direct TV, differences between multi-cam and single cam shows, what she looks for in an actor, advice for auditions and self-tapes, advice for parents of young actors as well as for young actors themselves, and MUCH more. Join us!


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:


  • “I was that kid who put on plays in the backyard. I was the star, and the director, and made my sister play the boy and my neighbor the tree.”
  • “I realized I didn’t want to be in the writer’s room; I wanted to be with the actors, in rehearsal and on stage.”
  • “It starts with the script… I visualize how I’m going to make these scenes work.”
  • “If you know how to tell a story visually, and work with actors, and edit, then you can do single-cam.”
  • “To me, it’s more difficult to do multi-cam because you’re working with 4 cameras all the time and it’s very fast-paced.”
  • “I think it’s easier to go from multi-cam to single-cam than it is to go from single to multi.”
  • “It’s always fun to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.”
  • “I look for actors who aren’t afraid to make choices, who come in prepared, who are collaborative and willing to make adjustments and play. Who are giving to other actors.”
  • “I like actors who are kind and come into a project because they want to be there.”
  • “Be confident. Walk into that room assuming you’ve already got the job.”
  • “You don’t know what they’re looking for. And sometimes THEY don’t know what they’re looking for.”
  • “If you want to direct, then direct. Write something and direct your friends in it.”
  • “More and more people are getting opportunities that have never had opportunities before, and that’s a great thing.”


Follow Jody Margolin Hahn HERE:


Instagram:                  @jodyfm       

Website:                     https://jodyhahn.com/




EP 129: Mike Manning, Actor & Producer

EP 129: Mike Manning, Actor & Producer

February 26, 2021

My guest on this episode of the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Mike Manning. Mike is an award-winning actor and Emmy-winning producer.


As an actor, Manning is most known for his roles in Disney's snowboarding movie Cloud 9, and MTV's Teen Wolf. Other TV credits include Hawaii Five-0, Major Crimes, The Bay, Crash & Bernstein, Operation Cupcake, and Days of Our Lives.


When not performing, Manning works as a producer, co-founding Chhibber Mann Productions in 2015. He's been involved behind the camera on dozens of films including the Showtime documentary Kidnapped for Christ, Jinn, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, Folk Hero and Funny Guy, M.F.A., and Lost in America, featuring Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, Jewel, and Tiffany Haddish.


We discuss how he started acting professionally, his training, how he broke into producing, the power of storytelling to change the world, the importance of nonprofit work, advice for young actors, and much more.


Listen all the way to the end for a brilliant piñata metaphor about acting-!


Listen to the first 10 minutes here for free, or become a Friend of the Podcast for just $5 a month — and get access to the full interview, as well as access to the entire collection of over 100 other inspiring and educational episodes designed to help you succeed in the entertainment industry.


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:


  • “At one time I was taking Meisner, Groundlings, scene study, comedy, and another class.”
  • “So much of this industry is just confidence.”
  • “It wasn’t until I felt like I had earned my seat at the table that I was able to walk into a room and make bold choices.”
  • “One of my favorite sayings is, ‘Talent might give you a head start, but hard work keeps you in the race.’”
  • “There’s something magical about being lost in a character on set that I absolutely love.”
  • “I try to give myself as many tools in my ‘batman toolbelt’ as possible as an actor.”
  • “The best thing about producing is going to the theatre on premiere day and watching the audience watch your film for the first time.”
  • “You need to have something that has nothing to do with acting that will fulfill your soul and keep you sane.”
  • “I’m a firm believer that if someone works hard enough, they will get their shot.”
  • “The parents’ job, and the actor’s job is when that shot comes… to be ready for it.”
  • “Hopefully somebody listening is somebody I’ll work with someday.”


Look for Mike in Days of Our Lives, and Spike Lee’s most recent film, Son of the South, out now.



Follow Mike Manning HERE:


Instagram:                             @MikeCManning


FaceBook:                              @MikeCManning


Personal website:                  https://www.mikemanning.info/


Chhibber Mann website:      http://www.chmannproductions.com/

EP 128: Sherry Kayne, Talent Manager

EP 128: Sherry Kayne, Talent Manager

February 11, 2021

Today my guest on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is talent manager Sherry Kayne, co-founder of Moxie Artists.

Sherry's clients are working in TV, Film, commercials and print, Broadway and professional stage productions and National Tours. They include Haley Reinhart, Catherine Mary Stewart, Akira Akbar, Quvenzhané Wallis, JD McCrary, Young Dylan, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, and more.


We discuss social media, star quality, what makes for good acting and a good relationship with your agent or manager, the importance of letting young actors have a life, thoughts around education, and MUCH more. Join us!

Listen to the first 10 minutes here for free, or become a Friend of the Podcast for just $5 a month — and get access to the full interview, as well as access to the entire collection of over 100 other inspiring and educational episodes designed to help you succeed in the entertainment industry.

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “You need to bring yourself to the role in order for it to feel authentic.”
  • “I’m there to guide my clients in the entirely of their career, not just the next audition.”
  • “You need a good headshot… that’s your calling card.”
  • “It’s not the prettiest picture that catches their attention… it’s something in the eyes, some kind of emotion that makes casting want to call them in.”
  • “Watch out for the scammers… someone approaching you in the mall is probably not the right person.”
  • “Please, please, please do not get involved in the Mama Drama.”
  • “It’s very important to network here. So much of this industry is about connections.”
  • “I think you should get involved in short films if you can, so you start to develop a reel.”
  • “It’s more important than ever to have a great self-tape setup. It doesn’t have to cost a lot.”
  • “Trust that your agent or manager are doing everything they can to get you seen.”
  • “Your rep should be passionate about you.”
  • “If you want to be a great theatre actor, go to college.”
  • You should do community theatre. It’s great. That’s the first step to getting over stage fright.”
  • “Patience is very important in this industry.”
  • “Win the room, not the role. If you win the room, they’ll keep calling you back over and over.”



Follow Sherry Kayne here:


Website:                     https://moxieartists.com/


Instagram:                 @sherrykayne

EP 127: Patrick Fabian, Actor

EP 127: Patrick Fabian, Actor

January 27, 2021

Today my guest on this episode of the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is actor Patrick Fabian. Patrick is truly a career actor, working steadily for almost 30 years, primarily in television. He is best known for his roles in Better Call Saul, Big Love, Veronica Mars, The Last Exorcism, Must Love Dogs, and Star Trek: Voyager. Recent guest stars include Lucifer, Code Black, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Grimm, Scorpion, The Newsroom, Longmire, Castle and Scandal. Patrick also played my daughter Dove’s father in the Disney Channel original movie Cloud Nine.

We discuss his training, how he broke into the LA market after college, lessons he’s learned over his 27-year career, advice for young artists, and much more.


Listen to the first 10 minutes here for free, or become a Friend of the Podcast for just $5 a month — and get access to the full interview, as well as access to the entire collection of over 100 other inspiring and educational episodes designed to help you succeed in the entertainment industry.


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:


  • “I arrive in California, I see palm trees for the first time, & I thought, ‘I am never going back.’”
  • “Class is to keep your tools sharp.”
  • “Don’t live beyond your means… that means you give yourself the opportunity to choose to do art, as opposed to waiting tables.”
  • “Being a professional actor to me means you have your union card.”
  • “My professors told me, ‘You need to work. If you’re lucky, you’ll get paid for something about 5 years out.”
  • “My job is to go in and show them I know how to act; then my job is to leave and let it go.”
  • “I believe that opportunities will come for you, and you will finally be able to go ahead and book work.”
  • “Nobody wants you to be an actor… you’re the one who has to want to be an actor, and you have to take the responsibility for that.”
  • “I’ve done some jobs that were just terrible… I’ve been terrible in them, they were terribly written, terribly directed… but then I’ve been in some really great things.”
  • “If you show them that you know how to act, you know your craft, & that you are good to work with… you have a real running shot of having a career.”
  • “You’re supposed to have disappointments, you’re supposed to fail. Things are supposed to not work out.”
  • “Being able to handle your disappointments and successes with equal grace would behoove you.”
  • “I love artists. Art is important. If you have chosen to be an artist, you have chosen a noble and a necessary profession.”


Follow Patrick Fabian HERE:

Website:         https://www.patrickfabian.com/

Instagram:      @mrpatrickfabian

Twitter:          @patrickfabian

EP 126: Steven Vincent, VP Music & Soundtracks at Disney Branded TV

EP 126: Steven Vincent, VP Music & Soundtracks at Disney Branded TV

January 14, 2021

Steven Vincent, VP Music & Soundtracks at Disney Branded TV

Today my guest on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Steven Vincent, Vice President of Music & Soundtracks at Disney Branded Television. He is the man behind the music you love from not only the Disney Plus and The Disney Channel, but also Disney XD, ABC Family, and more, since 2007.

Steven Vincent advises and collaborates with TV series and TV movie producers on script development and creating original music, as well as licensed songs. He works with recording artists, songwriters and composers in conjunction with Disney Publishing, Disney Music Group and Radio Disney as well as external labels, publishers and management.


On the talent side, he has supervised the TV music careers of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Jonas Bros, Zendaya, Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Bridgit Mendler, Bella Thorne, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens.


Vincent has a degree in Music Composition from UCLA, and studied film scoring with Walter Scharf, David Raskin & Fred Karlin while winning scholarships from BMI and ASCAP. He has also worked as a film composer, arranger, producer, conductor and musician.


We discuss what he does in his work, what it’s like to work with young talent, how he creates the sound of the Disney shows and movies you love, advice for young talent (both songwriters and actor/singers) and much more. This is a fascinating dive into the world behind the music from so many of your favorite soundtracks— including The Cheetah Girls, Camp Rock, High School Musical, Disney Descendants, and much more. Join us!


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:


  • “Leave your ego at home. You’re there to serve not just your vision, but the vision of the director, producers, writers, and the studio.”
  • “In some ways, my job is figuring out what each new show or musical should sound like.”
  • “I meet songwriters all the time… there are always new creative voices coming.”
  • “I remember the first thing we did with Bella and Zendaya… Bella was really nervous, and Zendaya would stand on the other side of the glass and cheer her on.”
  • “It’s about setting people up for success. That’s a lot of my job. Trying to nurture people and inspire them & provide them with the tools they need to be as successful as possible.”
  • “They’re very determined, driven people. They just happen to be kids at the time.”
  • “If you want to become a good songwriter, write a lot of songs… try and write one great song a week.”
  • “If you want to work in music, be a musician. Don’t just be a singer.”
  • “If you want to be a songwriter, you want to express something that somebody else is going to care about.”
  • “If you want to be a singer that matters, that’s successful… learn how to use your instrument. The voice is very much an instrument.”
  • Find any opportunity to perform in front of people. All of it counts. All of it helps prepare you.”
  • “I’m all about creative expression… I think it’s really important in being a complete person.”


Feeling inspired? Take Steve Vincent’s advice to heart and try writing a song this week! Or singing in front of an audience, even if it’s just your family in the living room. Or writing a poem or learning an instrument. As he says, you can learn a lot of this online, even from YouTube. If you are serious about a career as a singer, take voice lessons so you learn how to safely use your instrument. If you want to be a triple threat, learn some basic dance.


And if you need a little help navigating the industry, invest in an online consultation with me. A single session can set you up for success and help you avoid the painful pitfalls that can cost you precious time as well as money.





EP 125: Dave Thomas Brown & Amelia Bay, Broadway Actor & Hair Artist

EP 125: Dave Thomas Brown & Amelia Bay, Broadway Actor & Hair Artist

December 23, 2020


My guests today on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast are Dave Thomas Brown and Amelia Bay.

Dave is a triple threat whose roles on Broadway have included Elder Price in The Book of Mormon, Josh in Clueless the Musical, David Van Patten in American Psycho, JD in Heathers the Musical, and many more roles in touring and regional theatre. He played Elder Price on the West End in London as well as on Broadway.

Amelia is a professional hairdresser and wig maker for both Broadway and TV. Her credits include Law & Order SVU, Monsterland, Marvelous Miss Maisel, Be More Chill, She Loves Me, The Book of Mormon, and Aladdin.

Dave and Amelia are business partners and are also engaged.

We do a deep dive on the importance of training, audition advice, how to get started on Broadway (whether you are an actor or an artist backstage), surprises, challenges, and advice for people who want this life. It was especially fun to chat with both Dave and Amelia, who bring such complementary insight into how the industry works.

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation (see if you can guess which quote is from which one of them!):


  • "I fell in love with theatre because of CATS the Musical.”
  • “I never thought I was going to be a musical theatre actor.”
  • “I took that Shakespearean training and I put it into treating musical theatre like Shakespeare.”
  • “Sometimes those big flashy shows on Broadway don’t deal with the kind of real issues that shows like Heathers
  • “I wanted to go to a school that specifically had a hair and makeup program, so that’s why I went to University of North Carolina School of the Arts.”
  • “I spent 4 years at a conservatory studying acting. The next 10 years were a continuation of that training.”
  • “I’ve always relied on the kindness of casting directors.”
  • “Casting directors are your lifeline.”
  • “You never know when your name is being tossed around after you leave the room.”
  • “Know your craft, go in confident, perform the material, bring something that’s uniquely you, & you will be remembered.”
  • “The best thing you can do as an auditioner is watch other people audition.”
  • “I auditioned for The Book of Mormon for the 1st time 4 years before I was on that Broadway stage… while I was doing ”
  • “My 1st job was Aladdin… then Jersey Boys… then it snowballed from there.”
  • “I literally walked the NYC streets with my resume, looking up stage doors, trying to figure it out. You just have to put yourself out there.”
  • “I got my dream role, & I played the lead in 600 shows of The Book of Mormon on 2 continents… & I still want more.”
  • “Drop your ego at the door. Be proud of being good at a lot of things.”
  • “Live a creative life. No matter what your profession is.”

Follow Dave and Amelia HERE:


Dave Thomas Brown


Website          www.davethomasbrown.com
Twitter           @davethomasbrown

Instagram       @davethomasbrown


Amelia Bay


Instagram:     @ameliabay


Their shared socials


Instagram:      @BBandtheRV

YouTube:        @BBandtheRV


The Line Learner App that Dave referenced can be found HERE


Dave Thomas Brown fell in love with theatre, singing, and performing because he was exposed to it as a child. Amelia Bay hung out with the theatre kids in high school in her small town and began doing the hair and makeup backstage, eventually running the department before she left high school. So often it's a lucky accident that introduces us to something that can shape our lives: the chance attendance of a live theatre performance, a trip to New York or Los Angeles. In my own life, it was seeing a community theatre production of Mame with a family friend that left me mesmerized and in love with acting... which eventually led to my own children falling in love with singing and acting because they grew up heavily exposed to it. Which led to a lot of amazing things that continue today.

If you or your child have a dream of performing professionally, schedule a consultation with me, and start the new year off with some positive action toward that dream. In just 60 or 90 minutes, we can answer questions you didn't even know you should ask, and create an action plan.

EP 124: Matthew Del Negro: Actor, Author, Podcast Creator

EP 124: Matthew Del Negro: Actor, Author, Podcast Creator

December 8, 2020

My guest on this Hometown to Hollywood podcast episode is actor, podcast creator and author Matthew Del Negro.

Mathew’s success has been well-earned and slow-burning. He began doing small theatre productions in New York before landing a pivotal role in Season 4 of The Sopranos. Since then his career has spanned theatre, film, and TV, and he is best known for his roles in Goliath, Huge in France, Wind River, Scandal, The West Wing, When We Rise, Hot Pursuit, Teen Wolf, and many more.

In 2017, after describing his career as "being told 'No' for a living" when speaking to near-graduates of MFA Theater Programs in Los Angeles, Matthew created and launched his podcast, 10,000 Nos, which can be listened to on the Apple Podcasts App, Spotify and at 10000nos.com. On it, Matthew gets up close and personal with successful people from all walks of life about the 10,000 "No"s they've had to endure and the struggles they've had to overcome on their journey to where they are today.

We cover some inspiring territory, including how heartbreak led to an epiphany that started his journey as an actor, what he did to break into the business, advice for auditions and perseverance, and some very powerful mindset advice for success in life as well as in acting.

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

·      “It started with a bold proclamation, and commitment.”

·      “Take action now, course correct later.”

·      “If you go in trying to figure out what they want & doing that—even if you get the job—that whole job ends up being miserable, because you never own the character.”

·      “Whenever I’ve been at my best, it’s when I’ve felt, ‘this is my take on the role, & you may like it or not like it, but this is what I’m going to do.’”

·      “It’s not so easy when you have nerves, & you’re in the waiting room & others are sitting there and posturing and getting in your head.”

·      “You need to love the actual work.”

·      “Nobody from my world became an actor.”

·      “My dad would always say, ‘failure is opportunity in disguise.’”

·      “We have to be careful of who we choose to be around, so what we’re getting is lifting us & not crushing us.”

·      “Find your people. Find the people whose values align with you. The people that GET you.”

·      “Find the people who are going to empower you, & challenge you, & inspire you, & introduce you to things you might not have seen before.”

·      “If you are listening to this podcast, you’re doing something right. Bonnie is like a guardian angel.”


Follow Matthew Del Negro HERE:

Podcast:          https://www.10000nos.com

Website:         https://www.matthewdelnegro.com

Instagram:     @mattydel

Twitter:          @matthewdelnegro

Get his book, 10,000 NOs HERE


Matthew Del Negro spent years in the trenches like so many actors do, learning lessons about how to succeed the hard way. And while none of us escape some time in the trenches-- and there are no shortcuts-- there ARE some ways to soften the learning curve and save some time and money figuring everything out on your own.

If you would like some help finding your way through the maze of the entertainment industry, book an online consultation with me. In just one session we can create an action plan for you.

EP 123: Jerome Butler, Dialect Coach

EP 123: Jerome Butler, Dialect Coach

November 25, 2020

My guest on this episode of the Hometown to Hollywood Podcast is top dialect coach Jerome Butler.

As a dialect coach for actors performing in movies, television, or theater, Jerome’s job is to give actors enough understanding of the accent for their imagination to take over and bring the character to life. 

And as a Juilliard School graduate with more than 25 years of experience in theater, television, and film, Jerome Butler understands the challenges facing actors. 

Performers he’s worked with range from Naomi Watts, Thandie Newton, Melanie Liburd, Noomi Rapace, Stephanie Szostak, and Ellen Burstyn to Tom Hardy, Gerard Butler, Robert Downey Jr., Jonathan Pryce, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Jerome Butler’s credits include For Life, When They See Us, This is Us, Blade Runner 2049 and many more. He has also worked as  a Dialect, Speech and Vocal coach at Juilliard, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYU and numerous other actor training programs.

He is also the founder of dialectcoahcescorner.com, an innovative resource for accent modification and dialect work. 

Jerome shared some fantastic direction for actors regarding how to approach speaking with different dialects convincingly, as well as non-actors who want to be able to speak in a different dialect for their own personal or professional reasons. Throughout the episode, she shares some fantastic life wisdom and advice for actors.


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “Whatever it is that you say ‘yes’ to on a continuing basis… 5 years later, that is where you’ll be. Positive or negative.”
  • “Your earliest relationship with your language has a deep connection with aspects of your character.”
  • “There’s a stereotypical aspect of just about every dialect because of the truths of where that person is coming from.”
  • “I have a lot of tools… and I really follow what the actor’s learning style is.”
  • “I want actors to have as many different choices as possible.”
  • “DialectCoachesCorner.com provides high quality tools for people to use who don’t have access to a dialect coach.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with having ‘an accent.’”
  • “Our session is like a workout… but the muscle grows during the rest time.”
  • “The person who gets the job ultimately is a combination of talented, committed, focused, and centered.”
  • “The emotional management that I’ve seen kids do on sets is amazing.”
  • “In English, sounds are in different categories. And we can use those categories to teach us about dialects.”
  • “Follow your desire… because you’re going to get further, faster that way.”


Follow Jerome Butler HERE:






Instagram:         @dialectcoachescorner


Facebook:  @dialectcoachescorner



Dialects are an entire world of their own, just like the world of professional acting is. And the more you explore these worlds, the more you realize that there is a lot more to understand and master than meets the eye! If you are discovering that you could use some help navigating your own path in the entertainment industry, sign up for an online consultation with me! Just one session can answer questions you didn’t even know to ask, and set you up with a detailed action plan.

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